Amandeep Singh Pannu

Role in the Centre

Amandeep Singh Pannu is a material scientist with more than seven years of experience in materials development. Within the Centre he contributes to the project “Oriented on-surface epitaxy of dissimilar self-organized quantum dots”. This project aims to unravel the interactions of epitaxially grown two dissimilar nano-heterostructures to uncover new physical phenomenon not envisioned before in such structures. Implementation of such structures into devices such as light emitting diodes, solar cells and energy harvesting technologies to deliver next generation devices is the end goal of the project.

Short Biography

Amandeep Singh Pannu, previously a student of Queensland University of Technology, submitted his PhD in August 2020. He holds two Master’s degrees, one in Physics and one in Nanotechnology. He also holds a joint national patent with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay for “Detection and Measurement of Arsenic Concentration in Water”. His doctorate thesis work was based on self-assembly of carbon nanoparticles into various structures and their application in optoelectronic devices and sensing. During his PhD he published 7 journal articles. His work on the development of human hair-derived organic light emitting diodes was shared by more than 20 news outlets world-wide and published under hot topics in Advanced materials.

Selected Publications

“Biowaste-Derived, Self-Organized Arrays of High-Performance 2D Carbon Emitters for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes” Singh, A.; Wolff, A.; D. Yambem, S.D.; Esmaeili, M.; Riches, J.D.; Shahbazi, M.; Feron, K.; Eftekhari, E.; Ostrikov, K.; Li, Q.; Sonar, P. Adv. Mater. 2020, 1906176.

“Carbon Dots Derived from Human Hair for ppb Level Chloroform Sensing in Water” Singh, A.; Eftekhari, E.; Scott, J.; Kaur, J.; Yambem, S.; Leusch, F.; Wellings, R.; Gould, T.; Ostrikov, K.; Sonar, P.; Li, Q. SM&T 2020, 25, e00159.

“Potassium Doping to Enhance Green Photoemission of Light‐Emitting Diodes Based on CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals” Hoang, M.T.; Singh, A.; Tang, C.; Yang, Y.; Pham, N.D.; Gui, K.; Wang, X.; Yambem, S.; Sonar, P.; Du, A.; Wang, H. Adv. Optical Mater. 2020, 8, 2000742.

“Fluorination of pyrene-based organic semiconductors enhances the performance of light emitting diodes and halide perovskite solar cells” Salunke, J.; Singh, A.*; He, D.; Pham, H.D>; Bai, Y.; Wang, L.; Dahlstrom, S.; Nyman, M.; Manzhos, S.; Feron, K.; Osterbacka, R.; Priimagi, A.; Vivo, P.; Sonar, P. Org. Electron. 2020, 77, 105524. * First author equal contribution.

“Electropolymerized Porous Polymer Films on Flexible Indium Tin Oxide Using Trifunctional Furan Substituted Benzene Conjugated Monomer for Biosensing” Ponnappa, S.P.; Macleod, J.; Umer, M.; Soda, N.; Singh, A.; Shiddiky, M.J.A.; Ayoko, G.A.; O’Mullane, A.P.; Sonar, P. ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2020, 2(2), 351-359.