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We target your needs

By offering internally funded partnerships; submitting competitive grants; or setting up customized contracts. Research is conducted with variable technology readiness level.

We seek to develop materials-based solutions with impact beyond academia.


What we can achieve together:

Design your next process, product or method. Add value to your materials, fabrication processes, or testing capabilities. Enhance your materials performance. Strategize your materials choices.
Characterize your materials at the molecular level. Diversify your catalogue of products. Increase your product’s or process’ sustainability. Test your products performance.
Prototype your future device. Model and predict your materials behaviour. Develop an idea or prove a concept. Evaluate alternatives to lower your production costs.



Partnership opportunities

Looking for a consultant or a specific test, analysis? Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Linkage Spark

Each year, the Centre for Materials Science invests in collaborative projects set up with new industry partners. "Linkage Spark" provides opportunities for partners to explore ideas that may be leveraged for bigger schemes, such as an ARC Linkage grant. Applications for the Linkage Spark program open in January and close end of April. Projects involve:

  • a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) student, fully funded by the Centre for 18(+3) months,
  • or, a Postdoctoral Fellow researcher, co-funded by the Centre for 12 months.

Contact us to be put in touch with experts in your field and design a project today.


We are currently preparing a collaborative network through which you will be able to get involved with blue sky research. Led by the Centre for Materials Science, the Consortium program will bring together a group of industries - with shared scientific interest - willing to push forward their given research area. The Consortium will consist of companies representatives, experienced materials scientists from the Centre and PhD students. All working on a joint venture. Further information will be released soon. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) as well as the Queensland government offer several schemes to promote national and international research partnerships between investigators and business, industry, community organisations, and other publicly funded research agencies. We have a solid experience in submitting grant proposals.

Some examples of external grant opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • ARC Linkage;
  • Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP);
  • Cooperative Research Center Projects grants (CRC-P);
  • Training Centres;
  • etc.

All these schemes represents a great opportunity to leverage resources and carry out industry relevant research.