Equity and diversity

Equity, diversity and inclusion statement

Within the Centre, we promote, celebrate and encourage inclusivity and diversity to create a culture that values and benefits from the contributions of all Centre researchers regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, ethnicity, race, and culture. We value the positive impact and outcomes of collaboration and encourage this through inclusive planning and information sharing.


We work towards these goals by:

  • offering an Early Career Researchers support program
  • improving gender diversity
  • offering a Carer’s Support Scheme to assist with family travel and childcare expenses to enable Centre researchers to attend conferences
  • encouraging and supporting researchers from Indigenous backgrounds
  • encouraging mentorship, particularly of Early Career Investigators and Higher Degree Research students
  • improving recognition and visibility of achievements


Of particular focus is to increase the proportion of female researchers associated with the Centre.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

  • recruiting a minimum of 50% female researchers to all new PhD and postdoctoral positions
  • continuing a Co-Director model where at least one Centre Director is female


We proudly support and uphold QUT’s values of ambition, curiosity, integrity, inclusiveness and innovation.

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