PhD Opportunity – Lipid discovery in the microbial lipidome (including research visit at NTU, Singapore)

This project is a new collaboration built on complementary expertise in microbial lipid metabolism (Prof. Xue Li Guan, NTU), lipid discovery (Prof. Stephen Blanksby, QUT) and the application of lipids in the material sciences (Prof. Nam-Joon Cho, NTU). The supported Ph.D. student would initially work on characterisation of model organisms (e.g., E. Coli) cultured in the laboratories of Prof. Guan (NTU) using chromatographic- and mass spectrometric-technologies developed at QUT under the supervision of Prof. Blanksby (QUT). In parallel with the molecular structure determinations, chromatography and ion-mobility measurements carried out at QUT will be used to infer structure-function relationships (e.g., hydrophobicity and membrane packing efficiency). These measurements will be used to develop targets for applications in nanomedicine and biomaterials (e.g., anti-microbial coatings) that the student will have the opportunity to explore under the supervision of Prof. Cho (NTU).

This PHD will be included in a Joint Lab Program set up between the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the Centre for Materials Science at QUT, Australia. Successful applicants are expected to spend up to 12 months of their candidature at NTU facilities in Singapore.

More information and how to apply here.