PhD Scholarship! Advanced membranes for electrochemical energy storage devices

This PhD project aims to design and synthesis novel membrane materials with tailored ion selectivity and high ionic conductivity for electrochemical energy storage devices, such as redox flow batteries, sodium ion batteries, zinc ion battery through innovative material engineering and chemical functionalisation. 3 PhD scholarships are available as part of Dr Jiaye Ye’s DP24 and supported by the Centre for Materials Science.

The expected research outcomes in this project include stable, high ionic selectivity membranes/separators made of cost-effective aromatic polymer and robust nanofillers.

We encourage candidates with solid background in chemistry, materials science or batteries to apply for the scholarships. The successful candidate will join our Energy Storage & Conversion research group in the School of Chemistry and Physics led by Professor Hongxia Wang.

The candidate will be supervised by Professor Hongxia Wang and Dr Jiaye Ye, and also have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic and highly supportive environment with researchers of the School of Chemistry and Physics and Centre for Materials Science.

More information and how to apply here.