QCMS Investigators set to make a lasting impact on the world's energy landscape

In an impressive achievement for sustainable energy research, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has been awarded a $5 million grant to lead an Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub in Zero-Emission Power Generation for Carbon Neutrality. The hub, spearheaded by accomplished QUT researcher and Centre for Materials Science Investigator Professor Zhi-Gang Chen, brings together a team of top-notch researchers to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our time: achieving carbon neutrality through zero-emission power generation.

The research team includes a diverse group of experts from QUT’s Centre for Materials Science, including Professor Hongxia Wang, Associate Professor Jennifer MacLeod, Professor Jose Alarco, Associate Professor Ting Liao, Professor Prashant Sonar, and Dr Xiaolei Shi. The Centre for Materials Science is adept at bringing together experts from various disciplines, allowing them to pool their knowledge to realise complementary collaboration. This interdisciplinary approach can lead to unique insights and solutions to complex problems that may not have been achievable in isolated research settings.

The primary aim of the ARC Research Hub is to revolutionise the way gaseous waste is managed, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), generated by energy and manufacturing sectors. Through innovative technologies, the team seeks to convert this waste into valuable products and pave the way for scalable pathways to market, thus driving a transformation within the industry.

The outcomes of this ambitious research endeavour are expected to be transformative on multiple fronts. By decreasing environmental pollutants and introducing new renewable energy resources, the hub’s findings will not only benefit the energy industry but also have a positive impact on the economy and society at large.

As a gauge of the growing need for scalable pathways to market, our researchers are partnering with key players in the private sector for driving industry transformation. Partners include Sandos Pty Ltd, Pure Power Tech Pty Ltd, Greatcell Energy Limited, Tianjin Naibo Technology Co., Ltd, HBIS Group Co.,. Ltd., Impresario Investments Limited, Global Power Generation Australia Pty Ltd, Globird Energy Pty. Ltd., Wooltech Group Pty Ltd, and Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.

We acknowledge their trust. Their involvement signifies the potential of sustainable energy research to drive real change in our world.

For more information about the project and updates on their progress, visit the ARC official website .

Congratulations to Professor Zhi-Gang Chen and the team.