Collaborative skills at play!

The Centre for Materials Science is proud to see its members embracing a collaborative mindset and generating societal impact through developing UV wearables!

Lead investigators for this project: Dr. Nathan Boase and Dr. Sandra Wiedbrauk.

We developed a dye that changes from colourless to pink when exposed to UV light. By joining forces with researchers from the school of design,  Dr Heather McKinnon and Dr Levi Swann, we pushed beyond materials discovery to prototype and test functional jewellery and accessories. These are just some examples of how our technology can be used in everyday products we all use.

The “UV wearables” we created inform users on the cumulative dose of sunlight they are being exposed to. We added value to existing products by making the dye switchable. The dye can return to colourless through simple LED exposure, making the wearables reusable.

Our materials research at the Centre for Materials Science enables solutions that combine performance and sustainability while remaining of great relevance to the world we live in!

Read the full article in Advanced Materials Technologies.