Curiosity-driven research

The QUT Centre for Materials Science is the fundamental scientific engine room for materials innovation, providing materials-based solutions for QUT’s application driven Centres and research strengths. The Centre fosters emerging research talent from the PhD to the Early Career Researcher (ECR) level, while providing research space and freedom to the leaders in their field.

The Centre fuses cross-disciplinary fundamental research expertise within QUT, enabling a coherent research space for materials discovery. The Centre takes an atomistic and molecular approach to materials design, as our ability to manipulate single atoms and molecules and to observe the changes they undergo is critical for the design of materials with precise and adaptable properties. Of particular focus is the interface of matter with its surroundings, which controls function.

The Centre has outstanding research strengths in:

The goal of the Centre is to innovate, accelerate and translate scientific material discoveries to transformative technologies that will assist in overcoming global and national challenges in chemical syntheses, construction industries, green energy demands, environmental change, and sustainable manufacturing. The Centre invents, designs and optimises diverse new materials, including nanomaterials, polymers and metals and find the smartest pathways of controlling and tuning their properties and functions toward reliable and predictable Real-World applications.