Microorganisms inhabit nearly every environment and represent the vast majority of genetic and functional diversity on Earth. As such, they play critical roles in every major ecosystem, ranging from biogeochemical cycles and agricultural processes to human and animal health and disease.

The Centre for Microbiome Research (CMR) develops novel culture-independent molecular approaches and bioinformatics tools to answer important questions about the role of microbial communities in human and environmental health. The centre is co-located within the Translational Research Institute and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Research opportunities

At CMR, we are always on the look out for talented undergraduate, Honours, Masters, PhD and Post-doctoral researchers. There are many opportunities available within our areas of research. Please email if you are interested in progressing microbial science with us.

Current Opportunities

PhD Opportunity: Development of a multiplexed gut micro-bioreactor for functional screening of gut microbiome

Banner image credit: Georgina Joyce, Allison McInnes, Megan Clay