Technology eco-systems

The development, adoption and diffusion of technological innovation in the Australian METS and mining sector occurs within an ecosystem of stakeholders, connected via networks, and surrounded by the institutional environment. For a new technology to be successful, key innovation processes need to happen. For METS firms, it is crucial to gain a sound understanding of the innovation system which surrounds their technological development. This helps firms understand which environmental conditions they are subject to, and whether key innovation processes are favourable, or will hinder their technology development and diffusion efforts.

Our research has developed a tailored evaluation framework and diagnostic tool to help METS firms understand the technology ecosystem in which they operate; and to assist them to successfully manage technology transformation across the mining ecosystem.  We have also created industry-relevant material about ecosystem dynamics including videos, case studies of Queensland METS firms and industry fact sheets explaining our key findings.

Innovation in the METS sector

We conducted in-depth interviews with Queensland METS firms to discover how they overcame barriers affecting the diffusion of new technology across the mining ecosystem.  See how in this 4-minute video:


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Woman with iPad in mining environment