Industry Development

Industry associations and government play a key role in building the capabilities of mining and METS firms.  They do this through investment in research and skills development, and through facilitating coordination and alignment of business decisions across the value chain. Our research involved extensive in-depth interviews with a cross-section of Australian industry associations and METS stakeholders (mining companies, government) and is informed by the outcomes of our other METS research in technology eco-systems, organisational culture and change and business models.

We devised an Industry Development Framework that outlines strategies to create a well-coordinated METS region that fosters innovation, entrepreneurialism and collaboration and is open to exploring new opportunities within and beyond the mining industry. The ability to diversify to other sectors and markets will result in an adaptive, future-orientated METS sector.  This framework examines both firm-level and regional-level strategies that may be supported by government policy, the mining industry, industry associations and research and training organisations.

We also developed a visual benchmarking tool that can be used by industry associations (and other development associations) to evaluate their industry development strategies and compare them with those of successful industry associations.  These include strategies to build member businesses’ capabilities for growth and internationalisation, and strategies for influencing industry development.

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets summarise our key findings:


What makes a region internationally competitive?

Regions that compete successfully in global markets share two features: strategic vision that identifies strategic niche opportunities and coordination across key stakeholders. This Fact Sheet provides information for regions to help them develop unique capabilities that are difficult for other regions to duplicate and enable them to diversify across multiple value chains.






Industry development framework

CMBI’s Industry Development Framework brings together our research on Technology Innovation Ecosystems, Organisational Culture and Change, Business Models and Supply Chain Innovation. It presents strategies for government, the METS industry, the mining industry and research and training organisations that can enable the METS sector to overcome barriers and enhance innovation and the diffusion of new technology to the mining industry and beyond.






A strengths, weaknesses, gaps evaluation of the Bowen Basin METS sector

To achieve a region’s strategic vision, we need to quantify what capabilities the region does and does not have. This Fact Sheet shows the results of a strengths, weaknesses and gaps evaluation of the case study of the Bowen Basin METS sector. With this knowledge, we can develop strategies to build on existing capabilities, overcome weaknesses and fill gaps to enable the sector to grow and diversify.