About us

Partnering with industry and government

The Centre for Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Business Innovation (CMBI) is funded by the Department of State Development Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, Mining3 and the Queensland University of Technology.

Identifying the gaps

There is a gap between the technological potential in mining and its current realisation. Fast and successful adoption of technologies such as automation, machine learning, wearable technologies and sensors are a potential mechanism for addressing the sluggish productivity growth in mining compared with other industry sectors. Unfortunately, it is not inevitable that technologies which have the potential to drive value creation in mining will take over the market. There are business, organisational, management and eco-system dynamics which are potential bottlenecks to adoption. The purpose of our research is to identify those bottlenecks through evidence-based research and to co-develop, with industry, the management, business and policy solutions which will drive value creation around new technologies. In doing so, we address the major challenges for technology transformation in mining equipment, technology and services (METS).

Our aim

The aim of CMBI is to use business and social science research techniques to identify the mechanisms that technology developers, managers in METS and mining firms and policy organisations (government and industry associations) can use to better support the realisation of market value from new technologies in the mining sector. We draw on insights from other industry sectors and international contexts, data we collect through fieldwork in mine-sites and interviews and observations of METS firms and key mining and METS stakeholders. We analyse that data in systematic ways which enables us to identify patterns from which we generate explanatory models. Our models identify the barriers and drivers of mining and METS innovation. We then work with industry and government to co-develop management and policy solutions to better support technology transformation in mining and METS.