Jason Kugelman

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    Research Engineer

    BEng(Software)(Hons) UQ, BSc(Math) UQ

    Jason Kugelman is a research software engineer in the QUT Contact Lens and Visual Optics Laboratory (CLVOL). Jason first joined the lab in mid-2017 to complete his Engineering Professional Practice under the supervision of Dr. David Alonso-Caneiro. In mid-2018, Jason graduated from the University of Queensland with a dual degree comprising a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), majoring in software engineering, and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in mathematics. Jason’s engineering thesis involved the application of neural networks to medical image segmentation.

    Since graduation, Jason has continued work in CLVOL with a focus on researching, designing, exploring and testing a range of image processing methods for medical images. As a software engineer, Jason has considerable knowledge and experience with computers, computer programming and software. He is skilled and experienced with many core software programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) and Adobe Photoshop.

    Jason possesses a high level understanding of both the Windows and Linux operating systems which enables him to easily install new software packages and tools, and to rapidly identify/fix problems.  Jason is proficient in many computer programming and scripting languages (Python, C, Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript, MATLAB etc.) which equip him to develop new software, along with modifying and debugging existing software.