Ignacio Escalona Viedma

PhD Student

BCompEng ABU, MCompSc ABU

Ignacio graduated with a Bachelor on Computer Engineering from the Andres Bello University (ABU) in Chile, in 2016. Ignacio’s final undergraduate project focused on image processing and its application to biometrics. In 2017, Ignacio commenced postgraduate studies to obtain a Master of Computer Science at ABU, whilst also concurrently working for ABU as a Research Assistant on varied image processing projects.

In March 2019, Ignacio was employed as a Research Engineer working for TOC Biometrics, in Santiago, Chile. At TOC, Ignacio assisted with the development and integration of biometric technology systems that would improve industry performance and operation. He advanced his skills and knowledge in the areas of artificial intelligence, identity verification and deep learning techniques.

Ignacio commenced full-time doctorate research studies in a PhD program at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), in Brisbane, Australia, in September 2019.  Igancio is completing his PhD candidature under the guidance and direction of Dr David Alonso-Caneiro (Principal Supervisor), Professor Michael Collins (Associate Supervisor) and Aspro Scott Read (Associate Supervisor).