Rohan Hughes Receives Well-deserved Doctor of Philosophy!

Principal Supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Stephen Vincent (right), Dr Rohan Hughes (centre) and Head of School, Optom & Vision Sc., Prof. Sharon Bentley (left)

QUT HDR Student and CLVOL member, Rohan Hughes, completed his QUT doctoral research studies on Ocular characteristics of non-myopic and myopic children during relaxed and active accommodation in November 2020. Rohan’s research examined the short-term optical and structural changes in the eyes of children during accommodation by measuring ocular biometry and aberrations while varying the accommodative demand.

Rohan attended his doctorate graduation at an official QUT Ceremony held at the university’s Gardens Point Campus on 9 March 2021. Rohan’s wife, Katie Hughes (nee Dwyer) a former QUT Masters of Optometry graduate was also in attendance.

Rohan is now eagerly embracing new early career research opportunities, with intentions of furthering his research with accommodation in myopic children. Rohan remains an important and valued member of theĀ  Contact Lens and Visual Optics Laboratory on QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus.