Swee Chai Teoh Delivers Virtual Talk for OSA


QUT PhD Student and CLVOL Member, Swee Chai Teoh, was invited to deliver a virtual presentation as part of the OSA’s July 2020 Data Blitz Series.

All presentations shared the common theme of Recent Advances in Understanding Mechanism, Progression, and Treatment in Myopia.

Swee Chai Teoh’s video presentation was titled: The short-term effect of diffuse and defocus blur on axial length and vision’ and highlighted findings from her current doctorate research as a PhD student at QUT, in Brisbane. Her video presentation was delivered via ZOOM to a virtual audience on 22 July 2020, at 12:00 PM EST. ‘Questions and Answers’ were conducted at the conclusion of all presentations and were managed via an online chat and a video group discussion forum.

The following link allows for the full recorded viewing of all presentations: https://osa.zoom.us/rec/play/vpcrdu-q-D43E9CWswSDAKdwW9S1famsg3dI_qEOzR29UyUDY1T3NLURZOXAE0FHrZ3yizH1wXDtiE9F.


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