Las Vegas Welcomes QUT Associate Professor to International Conferences, in January 2020

Photo taken at Global Speciality Lens Symposium in January, Las Vegas, (left to right) James Wolffsohn, Pat Caroline, Gonzalo Carracedo, Lynette Johns, Greg DeNaeye and Stephen Vincent.

CLVOL Member and QUT Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor Stephen Vincent was an invited speaker to both the International Forum for Scleral Lens Research (IFSLR) and the Global Speciality Lens Symposium (GSLS), both held in Las Vegas, USA in early 2020. On 22 January 2020, at the IFSLR, Stephen delivered an oral presentation titled, Physiological Considerations for the Sclera and Conjunctiva which highlighted his current scleral lens research. Later, Stephen was a key panel member at the GSLS, where the topic of discussion was the current state of scleral lenses. Stephen also delivered an oral presentation on Managing Scleral Lens Wear at the GSLS.

This was an exceptional opportunity for Stephen to promote his QUT research on myopia and contact lenses, and for Stephen to also meet face-to-face with international collaborators regarding future scleral lens research initiatives.

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