NYSF Students and NSTSS Teachers Embrace Innovative Learning Opportunities at QUT CLVOL in 2020

Yr 12 Student participates in colour vision testing.


On Monday, 13 January, the Contact Lens and Visual Optics Lab (CLVOL) hosted 27 high school students from the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), and later the same week on Wednesday, 15 January, the lab hosted 19 secondary school teachers from the National Science Teachers Summer School (NSTSS). This has been the third consecutive year that QUT’s CLVOL has been a host site delivering science programs for students and teachers visiting from all areas of Australia.

CLVOL was delighted to showcase the lab’s research facilities and had prepared six interactive and hands-on learning workstations for the visiting students and teachers. The workstations included learning activities about: eye tracking, wavelength of light, thermal imaging of the eye, colour vision, binocular vision/stereoacuity, contact lenses, anatomy of the eye and machine learning.


Here are some of the comments and feedback received from the visiting Year 12 student cohort:

“It was really cool to see the physics and engineering side of optometry.”

“It was amazing! It was so good to be in small groups of 4 or 5 and to go around to the many different stations; each one was different and engaging and with small groups it made it very personalised. Highlight of my trip so far!”

“It was so different to what I was expecting. The association of optometry with science/engineering was not something I had really looked at or considered. It was really eye-opening!” 

Yr 12 Students develop a better understanding about depth perception.
Stereopsis testing with the use of 3D images is explained to Yr 12 Students.

It was hoped that all visiting Year 12 students and secondary school teachers acquired a renewed excitement about science, and left our research laboratories with an improved appreciation of how other disciplines such as engineering and information technology collaborated with optometry and vision science.

More information about the 2021 NYSF and NSTSS Summer Programs is available at:


and/or    https://www.nysf.edu.au/programs/nstss/

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