CLVOL researcher, David Alonso-Caneiro is co-investigator on new NHMRC Ideas Grant

[From left to right] Photo of staff from QUT CLVOL Machine Learning Team: Jared Hamwood, Jason Kugelman and Dr David Alonso-Caneiro.
The Ideas Grant scheme is one of NHMRC’s new flagship funding schemes and was introduced for the first time in 2019. With close to 3000 grant applications received from health and medical researchers across Australia in 2019, only 11% were successful in receiving funding. QUT’s CLVOL Senior Research Fellow, Dr David Alonso-Caneiro, along with Professor Michael Kalloniatis, Dr Barbara Zangerl and Dr Sieu Khuu all from the UNSW, were amongst the successful 11%.

Three Year funding of $565,764 AUD will be provided to Dr Alonso-Caneiro and his research colleagues for their innovative research project titled ‘Predicting Visual Function from Structural Data in Health and Ocular Disease’.

Dr Alonso-Caneiro was excited to explain, “Our research project objective is to understand vision loss in normal aging and in a major eye disease, such as glaucoma. We will apply a vision loss model to anatomical eye data using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is our belief that we can develop an AI machine learning application that will be able to successfully predict visual perception and function. A tool that will make clinical practice more efficient and effective.”

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