Dr Lisa Ostrin Presents Pioneering Research

The QUT CLVOL lab welcomed international academic and researcher, Dr Lisa Ostrin, from the University of Houston, College of Optometry, for the months of June and July this year. Dr Ostrin’s current research specifically focuses on myopia and circadian rhythms, and she was invited to QUT as an IHBI Visiting Research Fellow to present her Houstin lab’s recent findings on the effects that blue light has on ocular and systemic processes.  

During Dr Ostrin’s visit she also presented a workshop titled: Early Career Development in Optometry Research.  This workshop was specifically targeted at QUT early career vision researchers and HDR OVS students, and was an opportunity for Dr Ostrin to provide insightful information about building a career in optometry and vision research, academic career pathways, as well as leadership opportunities.

Dr Ostrin commenced research collaborations with Associate Professor Scott Read, Dr Emily Pieterse and Professor Michael Collins, investigating how exposure to different wavelengths of light influences the thickness of the choroid. This ongoing investigation aims to better understand how different types of light may impact upon the growth of the eye and myopia.

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