Detection of pathogens

Patent number: 2018901454

Patent applied: Australia

The field of the invention relates to wound care and the detection of wound infection.

In particular, the field of the invention relates to the detection of subclinical infections in wounds, including detecting subclinical infections in diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. The present inventors determined that bacterial pathogens can be detected in wounds, and/or subclinical infections and/or non-healing wounds can be predicted, by detecting bacterial biomarkers in a wound sample, and/or by determining the bacterial load in a wound sample. These wounds may exhibit no other clinical signs or symptoms of infection.


  • Flavia Huygens (pictured, right)
  • Irani Rathnayake
  • Sumeet Sandhu

Professor Flavia Huygens researches microbial pathogenesis