Yusuf Maulana Idres

    PhD Candidate

    Yusuf Idres is a PhD candidate based at QUT’s Centre for Immunology and Infection Control. His research will be conducted under the primary supervision of Dr. Adi Idris and the associate supervision of Professor Kirsten Spann, Dr. Leah Roberts, and Dr. Yaman Tayyar of Prorenata Biotech. The focus of his project is the development of novel siRNA therapies against emerging respiratory viruses, specifically targeting human metapneumovirus. The aim is to encapsulate these siRNA therapies in formulated Lipid Nanoparticles and administer them through an intranasal delivery platform.

    Yusuf holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (awarded in 2018) and a Master of Medical Research (awarded in 2022). During his master’s studies, he utilized a CRISPRa/dCas9 gene therapy-based method to treat Human Papillomavirus-driven cancers. Yusuf has been awarded the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend.