Fazeleh Etebar

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    PhD Student

    Fazeleh is a PhD candidate in the Neuroimmunology and Infections Research Group at Queensland University of Technology. Her PhD project focuses on “Characterisation of novel immune cell subsets in the central nervous system and its supporting tissues” which is critical for being able to understand immunobiology of the CNS. Thus far, her work revealed that microglia in different regions of the healthy mouse CNS are phenotypically, transcriptionally, and functionally heterogeneous and highly adapted to their microenvironment.

    Prior to her PhD, she obtained her D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree from the University of Tehran, where she also received a PhD in Veterinary Parasitology. Her parasitology project investigated the immunomodulatory effects of the recombinant CTL protein of Toxocara canis on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.