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Early Life Microbiome Research Group Leader

PhD (Reproductive health) (Queensland University of Technology), GradCert (Research commercialisation) (Queensland University of Technology), Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (Queensland University of Technology)

My research is focused on understanding how host-microbe interactions in early life impact future health and disease. My work examines how changes in the microbial communities that live in and on our bodies can modulate changes in how we function by:

  1. Characterising the microbiome of mothers and babies
  2. Identifying predictive asthma and allergy signatures
  3. Examining probiotic effectiveness

In my teaching role, I am responsible for coordinating units focused on medical microbiology and infection control. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and in addition to my primary research, I also coordinate research projects at the teaching-research nexus. We are evaluating the infection control perceptions and practices of allied health students and the potential impact of antimicrobial resistance.

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Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Indigenous)