Carla Vieira

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PhD Student

Bachelor of Pharmacy (2016), Masters in Health Science (2019) at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (Brazil).

Carla Julia Vieira is a PhD student on a QIMR Berghofer International Scholarship (2020-2023) based in the Mosquito Control Laboratory and registered in the Arbovirus Transmission Research Group at QUT’s Centre for Immunology and Infection Control. She received her BPharm (2016) and MHSc (2019) from the Federal University of Mato Grosso (Brazil) where she worked on the detection of a number of poorly described arboviruses, including Mayaro, Oropouche, Saint Louis Encephalitis, and Ilheus, in human and mosquito samples. In her most recent project, “Emerging arboviruses in the municipality of Sinop, MT: vector research” and “Land use change, biodiversity, and the community ecology of Amazonian vector-borne diseases” she identified a variety of arboviruses from mosquito samples in both urban areas and forest landscapes.

She is currently working on xeno-monitoring techniques for exploring vector‐host dynamics, Ross River virus (RRV) genomics and epidemiology. The RRV causes debilitating human arthritogenic disease across all Australian states and accounts for the highest number of arbovirus disease notifications in Australia: up to 5,000 cases/year. Identifying transmission pathways for Ross River Virus is essential to its control.