The Centre for Immunology and Infection Control offers a number of technologies and capabilities to researchers, collaborators and industry partners.


Epithelial cell models

Our lung and nasal epithelial cell models could contribute to your vaccine, probiotic, bacteriophage, antiviral, or immune modulatory therapy research. Contact Professor Kirsten Spann.

Robust cell and animal models

To discuss how our cell and animal models could contribute to your research or evaluate your therapeutic target, contact Associate Professor Makrina Totsika.

Sexually transmitted disease animal modelsDr Alison Carey, reproductive infection and immunity researcher

Industry and academic researchers can access our animal models:

  • Group B streptococcus challenge models
  • Chlamydia and herpes models (mouse and guinea pig)

Please contact Dr Alison Carey or Professor Ken Beagley for more information.

Microbiome characterization skills

Clinicians and pathologists seeking to examine their archival samples, please contact Dr Elise Pelzer.

Ureaplasma spp. testing of clinical samples

We have expertise in culturing, serotyping, molecular analysis and antimicrobial susceptibility profiling of human Ureaplasma spp. from clinical samples. For more information, please contact Dr Samantha Dando.

Advanced virology

Academic researchers and industry partners can access our expertise in molecular virology and viral propagation. For more information, please contact Professor Kirsten Spann.

Neuroimmunology and ocular immunology techniques

Academic researchers, clinicians and industry partners can access our animal models and expertise in tissue dissections (brain and eye), microscopy, flow cytometry and isolation of immune cell subsets from brain and eye tissue. For more information, please contact Dr Samantha Dando.

Public health advisory

Mosquito-borne virus surveillance

To discuss collaborating or learning mosquito-borne virus surveillance, evolution or risk modeling, please contact Dr Francesca Frentiu.


In vivo retinal imaging system

We collaborate with external groups to perform in vivo multimodal retinal imaging (Micron IV) in a range of experimental mouse models of ocular disease. For more information, please contact Dr Samantha Dando.

Databases and strain banks

Chlamydia strain bank

We maintain a comprehensive Chlamydia strain bank for testing therapeutics, diagnostics or vaccines. For information on how to access these please contact Professor Ken Beagley.