Does Chlamydia infection damage the ovary and compromise fertility?

Uterus with ovaries and doctor. Doctor in white medical lab coat with stethoscope around his neck shows and indicates to the patient on uterus. Concept photo for use as teaching subject for patient

The Reproductive Infection and Immunity Team, led by Professor Ken Beagley and Dr Alison Carey, along with their collaborator, Asssociate Professor Karla Hutt of Monash University, has just been awarded an NHMRC Ideas grant to research the ability of Chlamydia to infect and damage the ovary, which has never been investigated. The researchers aim to determine exactly how Chlamydia infects and damages ovarian tissues by studying aspects of ovarian function including hormone production, egg health, and fertility in their unique mouse model, and a cohort of human samples. They will also assess whether antibiotics, and their newly developed Chlamydia vaccine, can protect against ovary damage.