Emily Banks

Emily Banks has completed a Bachelors in Vision Science and Master of Optometry. After practising in the rural community of Warwick for almost two years Emily became passionate about improving access to eye care for children in rural communities. A lot of children in rural and remote communities have an uncorrected visual impairment, which is impacting their academic abilities. Emily is a firm believer that every child should be given equal opportunities to learn to the best of their ability and is now completing her PhD at Queensland University of Technology, in the Faculty of Health, School of Optometry and Vision Science under the primary supervision of Dr Shelley Hopkins. Emily’s research is in the area of First Nations children’s vision and providing culturally appropriate eye care services to these children, particularly in rural and regional communities. Emily is developing, validating and implementing a culturally appropriate paediatric visual acuity chart to achieve this objective.

Projects (Chief investigator)