Translating neuroscience to early childhood education: A roadmap for Queensland

Neuroscience has much to offer early childhood education (ECE) but bridging the gap from neuroscience to practice has been challenging, in part due to disciplinary and philosophical divides. This project will use rapid desktop review of literature and initial teacher education curriculum, policy mapping, and stakeholder engagement to develop a neuroscience evidence-to-practice roadmap for the ECE sector (birth to school entry). Synthesising the landscape in this way will inform clear recommendations of concrete mechanisms and actions to be prioritised over the next five years to advance the translation of evidence-based neuroscience key messages to ECE sector practice. Enactment of these recommendations will be of significant benefit to the development, learning, and wellbeing of young children.

We are currently collecting data for this valuable project and it’s time to “Lend your voice: The role of neuroscience in early childhood education and care”

There is much talk about how neuroscience could or should inform early childhood education and care, but what does the sector actually think about all of this talk about the brain and how it works?

If you work in early childhood education and care in Australia in any capacity, we want to understand YOUR beliefs and attitudes about this idea. Unless we understand views from the sector, we cannot design appropriate future supports for this essential workforce.

A research team led by Associate Professor Kate Williams at QUT invite you to complete a short, anonymous, 12-minute survey on this topic. You will not need to provide any personal contact information, and you do not need to have any particular level of qualification or knowledge about brain development. We very much value your time and views.

Survey closes Friday 30th of September.

Please click HERE to access full information and complete the survey if you choose to.

Funding / Grants

  • Education Horizon Grant (2022 - 2022)

Chief Investigators

Other Team Members

Adjunct Professor Michael Hogan | Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership
Professor Lori Lockyer | Executive Dean, Faculty of Creative Industries, Education & Social Justice
Professor Ottmar Lipp | Faculty of Health, School of Psychology & Counselling

QUT Research Assistants:

Gabrielle Hayes | Librarian
Genevieve Border
Tanya Burr