Through a Child’s Eyes: Investigating Early Vision Interventions and Academic Achievement

Investigating Early Vision Interventions and Academic Achievement

This project will investigate children’s visual processing and the impact of vision difficulties, on early learning and achievement. These vision difficulties include lack of appropriate spectacles or eye coordination disorders. Eye tracking provides a unique opportunity to explore functional vision processing characteristics that relate to classroom learning. They will assess vision difficulties and visual processing of Year 2 children undertaking a range of near vision tasks (e.g. reading, mathematics). For children experiencing vision difficulties, they will offer vision interventions (e.g. corrective lenses or vision exercises) at the beginning of the year. All children will complete tasks throughout Year 2 of their schooling to assess developmental changes in visual processing strategies in learning.


Funding / Grants

  • Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, Melbourne (Eldon and Anne Foote Donor Advised Fund) $64,494