Research and framework development for effective competency-based e-learning products for children’s online safety

Effective competency-based e-learning products for online safety

The Australian Government commissioned an independent review of programs designed to assess children’s online safety skills – including Digital Licences and other tools. A systematic review component synthesised the literature on what makes a good competency-based program for teaching children essential online safety skills – putting digital licences in the context of a suite of tools available to parents and educators. A program review looked closely at existing products available in the market, 54 Australian programs and 50 international programs, considered their contents, methods, and effectiveness, and brought forward suggestions for improvements
needed. The Review aimed to provide information to enable schools, education departments, parents, and others to make informed decisions about the use of online safety education products.


Funded by the Australian Government by the former Department of Communications and the Arts which, since 1 February 2020 has become part of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.