Parenting-for-schooling: An institutional ethnography on parenting practices in support of schooling.

Parent engagement in schooling is increasingly becoming a focus of educational policy, both in Australia and globally. This sees a certain demand—particularly in the current COVID-19 era—for parents to become co-educators alongside teachers, which cultivates an orientation of day-to-day family life towards school. The implication is that parenting practices in the home, particularly those which concern children’s schooling, are being organised in new ways by institutions—schools, government and private organisations—external to the family. This creates a “schoolification” of family life and recasts the work of parents in the enterprise form. This institutional ethnographic inquiry will seek to understand how school practices and educational texts regulate the power relations that exist between schools and families, and will explore how the everyday efforts of parents are coordinated by schools.

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Supervisors: Dr Nerida Spina (Principal), Dr Peter O’Brien, Professor Gordon Tait