Bear with Me: participatory, music driven performances for young children

“In the disquiet of our times it is heartening to know that such a deceptively simple, comforting performance has the ability to engage and engross”
(Edwards,  2019)

Bear with Me (2012-), a ‘concert for bears’ begins with the idea that a child is already an expert at playing, and explores their relationship with their bear. One element of this exploration is the potential of the bear to unlock ideas around attachment with a particular focus on the function of the transitional object. After seasons in Brisbane,  Melbourne,  Adelaide and Perth,  work has begun on a follow-up to this successful show which increases the focus on the participatory, musical element of the performance.

Funding / Grants

  • First commissioned by QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival, produced by Metro Arts, subsequent research funded by Creative Industries

Chief Investigators