Our Centre

Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct high quality research that aims to elevate and transform the lives of children and families, and the lives and work of educators and health and other professionals working with children.

Our Vision

The Centre for Child and Family Studies represents QUT’s multidisciplinary research strength in childhood and parenting research, and the childhood workforce (educators, health professionals, community and other professionals). The members of this centre work in transdisciplinary ways, particularly at the intersection of health, education, and community, to address contemporary research problems in ways that hold potential to positively transform the lives of children and families. The Centre builds on and maintains strong links with research end-users including government, non-government, and service provider organisations, building pathways for co-design of research and knowledge translation.

The Centre works in close alliance with a number of other relevant research groups within QUT, with the aspiration that together these synergistic groups will build the next Centre of Excellence for QUT. Capacity-building activities across the Centre will increase the rigour, quality, and translation of research and through attention to undergraduate, HDR and ECR pipelines, will build a strong childhood and families research workforce for the future.

Our Objectives

The QUT Centre for Child and Family Studies cares deeply about children and families, and will use the collective expertise of its researchers at the intersection of education, health, and community to understand and support learning, health, wellbeing, and community engagement.

The Centre will achieve this through the following actions:

  • Conduct and disseminate world-class innovative child and family research that advances knowledge across education, health, community services, and society.
  • Lead and contribute to high-impact transdisciplinary research that addresses real-world challenges, and generates positive impact on policy and practice related to children and families.
  • Provide a high-quality transdisciplinary research training and mentoring environment with an emphasis on cutting-edge, real-world research in child and family studies.
  • Foster a collaborative and intellectually rich and inclusive research culture to establish the next generation of child and family researchers.
  • Support high quality learning and teaching at QUT through ensuring contemporary rigorous research informs teaching.
  • Influence local, national, and international communities in education and health through our research and expertise, namely through non-award course offerings and innovative research showcasing, that translate our research findings for impact.
  • Maximise opportunities and the positive social impact of our research through knowledge mobilization and exchange.