Trauma-Aware Education (Pre-Conference) Research Forum

Members of the Centre for Child and Family Studies and members of the organising committee for the Trauma-Aware Schooling Conference are gathering system leaders from across the university, education, NGO, and political sectors, as well as like-minded or inquiring individuals and experts in the field, to showcase and discuss the growing evidence base for “Trauma-Aware Education” in schools and early childhood education and care.

With the growing awareness of the impact of childhood trauma on the education experience of young learners (and those working hard to educate them) and the additional complexities resulting from the global pandemic, it is timely to have this important discussion! Our goal for this event is to clarify “what we currently know from research” and to hear from people (for whom it really matters) – “where does research need to head from here?”

At this invitation-only event, we will hear of research and other work occurring in Trauma-Aware Education across Australia and overseas.  It will provide an opportunity to network and discuss synergies between research, policy, and practice and the potential for growing the research base in areas that will benefit valued end-users (educators and learners).

Event Details

Date: Friday 9th September, 2022

Start Time: 09:30

Finish Time: 13:00

Enquiries: This is an invitation only event and is currently full, please email for further details or to go on the waitlist.