RAMSR – Rhythm and Movement for Self-regulation

RAMSR (Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation) is a program for young children that aims to support their attentional and emotional regulation skills, as well as mental flexibility, inhibition, and working memory (the executive functions).
It is based on a number of neurological areas of research as shown in the below figure, including music therapy, the cognitive benefits of music education, and self-regulation development.


Learn how to use simple rhythm and movement activities to support positive behaviour for children aged 3-6 years.


Rhythm and movement can help young children manage self-regulation of their emotions, attention and behaviour. Approximately 30% of young children have problems with self-regulation, which can effect learning and their transition to school. Educators and teachers of young children can learn how to use rhythm and movement activities to positively support the development of self-regulation and address underlying brain connections in young children.