Kate Williams

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    Kate Williams is an Associate Professor in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Her research program seeks to understand and address achievement and wellbeing gaps that emerge in early childhood and are often related to the experience of adversity. Her research primarily focusses on children’s development of self-regulation and the parenting, educational, and intervention contexts that support such, along with the developmental outcomes associated with children’s self-regulatory functioning. Kate’s research has had strong public and industry impact through her invitations to develop and deliver training for early childhood teachers and parents. Kate is also involved in program evaluation and is a leading international expert on supported playgroups for disadvantaged families.  Kate is also a Registered Music Therapist and so is interested in the ways that music can be used to support children’s development. Her latest work in this field has seen the development of the Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation (RAMSR) program for early childhood settings which aims to bring the neurological benefits of active music participation to those children who have the most to gain.

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