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Ben is a Professor in the School of Law at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and is Principal Research Fellow in the QUT Faculty of Law.  He holds an Adjunct Professorship at Johns Hopkins University (Bloomberg School of Public Health) and was Professorial Fellow to the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse from 2015-17.  He currently leads the Australian Child Maltreatment Study, the first national survey to establish the prevalence and nature of all five forms of child maltreatment, and their associated health outcomes and burden of disease.

He has published 3 books, 18 government reports, over 100 refereed scholarly articles and book chapters, and over 20 law reform submissions on issues concerning children and the law, with a focus on multidisciplinary research at the interface of child maltreatment and law.  His key field of research expertise is in the prevention, detection, and response to child abuse and neglect by legal and social systems, with particular further focus on child sexual abuse.  His body of research includes legal analysis; conceptual analysis; ethical analysis; legal analysis informed by social science; systematic reviews; analysis of government datasets; time trend analysis of the impact of law in lived experience; longitudinal studies of reporting of child abuse and the outcomes of these reports; comparative analysis of different legal systems; randomised controlled trials of educational interventions; regulatory and policy analysis; and the study of law and policy as an agent of change.  He frequently works with government departments and industry stakeholders in Australia and overseas.  His research was selected as QUT’s Discipline of Law impact case study for the Australian Government Excellence in Research for Australia assessment in 2018:


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