The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Professor Ben Mathews delivered two invited presentations to the England and Wales Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, in April 2019.  England and Wales do not have a legislative mandatory reporting duty to report child sexual abuse, and the Inquiry is considering whether or not such a law should be enacted.  Professor Mathews was requested to provide background information about the nature, origin and purpose of such laws (Presentation 1), and to discuss the findings of five empirical studies into the impact of mandatory reporting laws for child sexual abuse in lived experience.  These studies had been conducted at national and state levels, led by Professor Mathews.

The streamed recordings of the presentations are available at:

(See: Mandatory reporting Seminar 2, Day 1 (29 April) –

Video 1 (PM1) (presentation 1) – commencing at 32:56.

Video 2 (PM2) (presentation 2) – commencing at 2:08.

Further information: The powerpoint slides are accessible at the website link to “3 more items”.  The transcript provides the full transcript of the entire day.  Day 2 (30 April) involved full day discussion amongst the roundtable, directed by the Facilitator, Riel Karmy-Jones QC (Counsel assisting the Inquiry).


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