Personalised Therapies


Provide a pathway for defining and characterising genomic discoveries from each of the Research Programs with the aim of fuelling the pipeline for discovery of genomics targeted therapeutics.

Program Co-Leads

Program Summary

Personalised therapies are those that focus on the specific genes or proteins that, through one of various forms of genomic mutation, are driving disease in an individual. To be effective in a clinical application these therapies require an understanding of the individual’s underlying genetic change and rely on genetic diagnostics.

The Personalised Therapies Research Program aims to understand the genetic mechanisms of disease and their consequences for drug action and thereby dramatically improve success rate for discovering new medicines. The program makes use of computer-aided drug design platform by which researchers can perform in-depth in silico simulations prior to labour-extensive wet-lab validation. Access to the state-of-the-art techniques for protein modelling, hit identification (e.g. molecular docking, focused library design, fragment-based design, compound libraries such as DrugBank, Enamine, ChemDiv, ZINC, etc.), and hit optimisation are available. In addition, the High-Performance Computing infrastructure allows the study of diverse functional roles of biomolecules featuring important functions such as ion and molecule transport, post-translational modifications, effect of the lipid mono and bi-layers, aggregation etc. Complementary to in silico studies, our early-phase drug discovery expertise includes synthesis of analogue libraries and intermediates and in vitro and in vivo drug screens.