Charles Bidgood

PhD Candidate

Project title

Investigating the role of valine catabolism in the development of prostate cancer therapy resistance

Supervisory Team

Principal Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Gunter
Associate Supervisors: Professor Colleen Nelson, Dr Lisa Philp, Dr Martin Sadowski

Project description 

Charles’ project involves investigating the complex metabolic landscape associated with advanced prostate cancer. Throughout his PhD Charles’ has developed a diverse skillset in the areas of high-content fluorescent microscopy, metabolic flux analysis and generation of advanced image segmentation pipelines.

Short biography

Charles is in the final year of his PhD and currently working with the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre – Queensland, located at the Translational Research Institute. Since graduating with an honour’s degree from QUT in 2018 his primary research interest has resided within the cancer biology field with a strong focus on cellular metabolism and biochemistry.


2018    Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) from Queensland University of Technology

2017    Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Human Physiology) from Queensland University of Technology