Technologies of justice

Social institutions, system designers, practitioners and scholars all have a role to play in what counts as justice, and how it is defined and applied in professional and practical settings. Research in this program enriches our understanding of the intellectual, professional and/or digital technologies that shape the way we think about justice, how it is delivered, and how justice is being transformed in the digital age by AI and associated innovations by addressing:

  • The organisation of workplaces and service delivery sites
  • The institutional context of practice
  • Professional knowledge, training and practice
  • Computer mediated innovations

Program Co-Leaders

  • Associate Professor Deanna Grant-Smith

    With a PhD in public consultation and policy analysis, I have more than 20 years of experience conducting research and providing policy and strategy advice across the areas of environmental policy, participatory planning, community engagement, staff development, and organisational strategy and development. I have extensive experience in developing and delivering...

  • Professor Kieran Tranter

    Kieran is the Chair of Law, Technology and Future in the School of Law. Kieran joined the School of Law, Queensland University of Technology in 2019 and is the founding General Editor of Law, Technology and Humans. He is coordinator of the Datafication and Automation of Human Life Stream in the School of...