HDR Winter School 2023

Our HDR Winter School took place from 17-19 July (Mon-Wed). HDR Winter School is an immersive and informative 3-day program that included research methodology sessions, professional development sessions, and a session encouraging students to present their research in interesting ways.

HDR Winter School program

For more information on the 2023 program, visit the QUT Centre for Justice blog.

Feedback from previous programs

HDR School group shot

“I most enjoyed the wide variety of research methodologies explored, and the range of interesting, well-informed presenters from multiple schools/fields.”

“I really enjoyed the space to reflect on and learn about a range of methodologies relevant to my research.”

“Inspiring! This has helped convince me that my ideas to use creative methods are not only possible, but also increases the potential my research can be activist and transformative – more so than just publishing journal articles.”

“I really enjoyed all the sessions and learned so much. My favourite would have to be Bridget Harris’ session about vulnerable research and the importance of protecting yourself mentally.” 

“Important insights. Seeing Melissa’s networking laid out like that made it so clear. People say its important, but her talking through that visual made it so clear.” 

HDR school group shot“Yes! These sessions were particularly interesting to me as I am in the final year of my PhD. These sessions really helped me in thinking about myself as a researcher, rather than simply as a student.”   

“Initially I was sceptical about the relevance of these creative workshops but they ended up being my favourite part! These sessions helped me think about my research and communication in general in a whole new way. Writing poetry out of my research was a really helpful way processing everything I’ve been reading, and a great way of communicating it to others without needing to give a detailed explanation. When Justice Jam was over, my friends and I took our poems back to the office and shared them with our fellow PhD students! We have since been discussing how we should have a poetry sharing group each month or so to encourage us to process our work, our data and our feelings about it all.”

“I really enjoyed opening my eyes to the possibilities of creative aspects of the research journey and loved composing a poem about my project.”

More information

For more information, please contact the QUT Centre for Justice by email: qutc4j@qut.edu.au