Queer Research Group

The QUT Queer Research Group is a multi-disciplinary team, drawn from all over the university, researching a range of issues experienced by people of diverse sexualities, genders, and sex characteristics.

Despite recent social and legal reforms, people of diverse sexualities, genders, and sex characteristics continue to experience numerous injustices in education, health, law, and criminal justice, among other contexts. There is an ongoing need for justice-driven research that enhances the lives and wellbeing of people of these communities. Through our innovative and multi-disciplinary research, members of the QUT Queer Research Group seek to drive social change and enhance justice and equality for people of diverse sexualities, genders, and sex characteristics.

Our work is informed by queer theories, feminist theories, post-structural perspectives, trans scholarship, and intersex scholarship, and we engage closely with activist, advocacy, and service provider perspectives. Our team contains researchers from every Faculty at QUT, pursuing a wide array of projects, including:

  • Creating safe and inclusive educational spaces
  • Enhancing queer representation in criminology and criminal justice policy
  • Addressing victimisation and enhancing safety on gay dating-apps
  • Responding to technology-facilitated abuse and violence
  • Exploring the queer potential of digital environments
  • The politics of regulating sexual media
  • Increasing access and participation to work-integrated learning (WIL) for students who identify with diverse genders and sexualities.

You can find out more about our team and our research below:

Collaborate with us

If you would like to join the team and get involved, please contact co-convenors Professor Matthew Ball and Associate Professor Lisa van Leent.