Supporting CALD Australians to be empowered energy consumers

This project, funded by Energy Consumers Australia, involves the evaluation of narratives contained in existing energy policies and programs and will consider how fit for purpose they are for engaging and bringing about change among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) consumers.

Energy is an essential service, integral to supporting healthy people and communities. Creating responsible consumers and managing everyday energy use is a key focus for delivering energy productivity in Australia. However, there is a need for increased focused on how CALD Australian consumers can be supported regarding their energy consumption. Specifically, it has been has found that people with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds struggle to understand market information and make their preferences known. CALD Australians often experience poor outcomes in terms of energy affordability, comfort and convenience, and health and well-being. The question therefore becomes how we support CALD energy consumers to be responsible and efficient, but also support their health and well-being through policy, programs, and advocacy.

Our aim is to help inform future storytelling approaches to effectively engage CALD energy consumers through the development of guidelines and a toolkit.

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  • Funded by Energy Consumers Australia (2020 - 2022)

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