Romance Fraud

The purpose of this research is to better understand the ways in which romance fraud happens against individuals. In particular, this stage of the research seeks to understand the different methods used by offenders to get what they want.

The research is looking for those who have been in a relationship that was established in an online forum (such as a dating website, social media site, or email) and who realised this was not genuine. Further, the research is looking for those who were either asked to send money and didn’t or were asked to send money and did (regardless of the amount of money or the reason for sending it).

Romance fraud in the context of this project, is defined as someone “who has sent money or was asked to send money, from someone they believe they are in a relationship with established within an online context”. The key elements to this definition are the request to send money (successful or not) as well as the online nature of the relationship.

More information is available on the project website.

Chief Investigator

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