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QUT Centre for Justice aims to empower and enable citizens, consumers and communities through solutions-oriented research. Our vision is to democratise justice by improving opportunities for health and well-being, at both an individual and global level, and enhancing the inclusiveness of work and education while widening access to justice.

The Centre has three main Programs of Research; Access to Justice, Technologies of Justice and Ecologies of Justice, and is truly interdisciplinary, drawing its membership from academics in the disciplines of Justice, Law, Education, Business, Creative Industries, Health, Data Science and Engineering. Within QUT, the Centre collaborates with other research centres including QUT Digital Media Research Centre, Centre for Robotics, Centre for Decent Work and Industry, Design Lab, Australian Centre for Health Law Research and others.

The Centre aims to widen access to justice through research into issues impacting:

  • marginalised and disadvantaged groups, including LGBTIQA+ and Indigenous people and people with disabilities;
  • women and those who experience gender violence;
  • sustainability and the environment.

Our research priorities include how justice is being delivered in the digital age, considering the complex factors that transform justice through social activism and the wellbeing of the planet, geopolitics and systems of governance.

The Centre works with changemakers including local, state and federal government, industry and NGOs and charitable bodies in an effort to influence law, policy and practice for a more equitable and sustainable future.

QUT Centre for Justice is always seeking opportunities for surprising alliances between world-class experts. Examples of how we can work together include:

  • Sponsorship of events and workshops
  • Co-development of funding bids
  • Co-design of solutions-oriented research projects
  • Internship and industry scholarship opportunities for Higher Degree Research students (HDRs)
  • Access to internationally recognised researchers

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Partner with us

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