Dr Naomi Barnes

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Senior Lecturer, Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice

Doctor of Philosophy (Griffith University)

Dr Naomi Barnes is an network analyst and theorist interested in how ideas influence education policy. Spanning across disciplines, her research contributes to evidence-informed policy in education. The growth of communication via social media has kept her motivated to develop models which show the impact of the platforms on the politics and policy of education. She has applied her modelling to university attrition rates, teacher use of social media, and the development and implementation of Australian literacy policy. Naomi recently expanded her focus to understand how ideas from the UK and USA have infiltrated education discussions in Australia. Naomi is a Lecturer in Literacy teaching English, History and professional communication to future Early Years, Primary and Secondary teachers. She has worked for Education Queensland as a Senior Writer and has worked as a Secondary English, History and Geography teacher in the government, Catholic and Independent schooling sectors.

Additional information

Naomi was a Secondary English, History and Geography Teacher from 1997 to 2010 in Southeast and North Queensland. She has experience in the government, Catholic and Independent sectors. Naomi worked as a Head of Curriculum from 2005-2010 in all sectors and a Year Co-ordinator for three of those years. She also worked for Education Queensland on a curriculum project from 2012-2013. Naomi has a particular expertise in writing composition.