Dr Michelle Newcomb

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Lecturer, Faculty of Health

Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Michelle Newcomb is a social work lecturer at the School of Public Health and Social Work, QUT with extensive experience in her field. Over her 10 years as an academic Dr Newcomb has pursued research in using critical theory to inform social work education and practice, as well as striving to understand student disadvantage and its impact on learning and teaching. This experience is enhanced by practical knowledge, gathered throughout a 15 year experience of domestic and international practice in human service organisations. Dr Newcomb began her career as a youth homelessness worker in London back in 2000, where she was a founding member of a complex needs project developed for young homeless people. Over time, she became the project coordinator for the Greater London Domestic Violence project between 2003 and 2005. After moving to Australia in 2006 with Mission Australia, where she become the Roma House Service manager she went on to become a domestic violence counsellor with DV Connect in 2008. Her considerable practical work experience propelled Dr Newcomb to significant roles culminating as Community Development Officer and Homelessness and Social Housing Coordinator with the Brisbane City Council from 2011 to 2014. Following this strong practical career, Dr Newcomb entered academia as a field visitor, tutor and lecturer sparking an interest in social work education.

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Current Research Projects
Dr Newcomb is involved in numerous research projects. These include projects related to understanding identities in disadvantaged social work students and the use of critical theory to understand discourses of self-care in social work settings. Dr Newcomb's varied portfolio also leads her to be involved in research projects on the role of simulation in social work education and practitioners' conceptualizations of self care.

Peer Review Invitations
Dr Newcomb has been a peer reviewer on several journals, including the Journal of Public Spaces, Journal of Social Pedagogy, Practice, the Australian Social Work journal, Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work and the Journal of Social Inclusion.

Teaching Awards, Affiliations and Training Programs
2016:                Vice Chancellors Award for Teaching Excellence
2016:                Awarded Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy.
2015:                Completion of the QUT Teaching Advantage and Sessional Career Academic

Development Programs
2014-2015:       Completion of QUT sessional academic workshops AD1-AD4.