Dr Lisa van Leent

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Senior Lecturer, Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice

PhD (Queensland University of Technology), Master of Learning Innovation (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Education (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Lisa van Leent is a senior lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership within the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice. Her research interests concern teachers’ pedagogical practices in relation to diverse genders and sexualities. Dr Lisa van Leent has extensive experience as a primary classroom teacher. She completed her doctoral study, titled “Primary School Teachers’ Conceptions of Pedagogical Responses to Concepts of Diverse Sexualities” at Queensland University of Technology. Her future research interests involve developing socially just pedagogical practices with teachers for and about diverse genders and sexualities.

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Dr Lisa van Leent enjoys working with schools to improve the teaching and learning for students and staff. Her passion is in supporting teachers with effective tools and strategies within a whole school environment. Lisa is engaged with key stakeholders such as community groups, the Department of Education, and schools to support equitable teaching and learning for diverse genders and sexualities.